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If you are planning on getting into the lucrative market of multi-family building ownership as a Real Estate investor then a thorough inspection conducted by a highly experienced building inspector is a critical step that is not to be skipped. We have years of experience inspecting, building, rehabilitating, buying and flipping many such properties. Whether you are looking at a duplex or several sets of four-plexes, having the right information about the condition of your new cash flow machine is very important, because let’s face it, oftentimes, especially with older buildings, the general condition can be a big unknown, repairs of items that may have gone overlooked can get very costly, very quickly. 

Our Streamlined Inspection Process

1. Schedule your inspection quickly online in less than 2 minutes! 
2. Same day, password-protected report available online
3. Permanent server storage of your reports, accessible 24/7
4. Easily forward your report to anyone
5. Easily create a repair list directly from the report, with photos, to submit to the selling party
6. We offer easy payment options via online or onsite CC, Cash (5% discount for cash) or check with very competitive pricing. 

Multi-Unit Inspection Pricing

Pricing starts as low as $125.00 per unit for four-plexes*

  • Up to 700 sq ft per unit:          $125.00
  • 700 to 1500 sq ft:                    $180.00
  • 500 to 2000 sq ft:                    $245.00
  • 2000 to 2500 sq ft:                  $310.00
  • Larger than 2500 sq ft:           Please call us!

*All units must be in the same building. Please call for duplex pricing.

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