Providing Mold Inspection Service, WDO Inspection Service, and More to Phoenix AZ, and the Surrounding Areas

The Inspection People is a company here to provide you with all sorts of inspection services, from mold inspections to sewer line inspections. We’re dedicated to making sure our clients get the best service possible, and will always go the extra mile to provide you with thorough reports and reliable service. If you’re near the Phoenix AZ, area, then give us a call to learn more.

A Range of Inspection Services

Here to Give You Peace of Mind

Every Home Inspection includes the following at no additional charge:

  • Termite and WDO Inspection: Included in all residential home inspections, you can also schedule this service separately to make sure your home isn’t infested.
  • Pool Inspection: Included in all residential home inspections, an pool inspection will determine if a pool complies with local safety regulations, which vary state to state and from municipality to municipality. We are well versed in all local regulations to make sure the pool is up to the quality and standard that you expect.

Additional Inspection Services:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing: Poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues. Make sure you have good indoor air quality with professional help.
  • Sewer Line Inspection: Find out if there’s a problem with your sewer line with help from a professional.
  • IR Camera Inspection: Determine whether there’s energy loss around the windows and doors—or if there’s a lack of insulation in your walls—with an IR camera inspection.
  • Mold Inspection: Make sure your home isn’t infested with mold by getting an inspection.


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Are you ready to get the best inspection service in the Phoenix AZ, area? If so, then just get in touch with The Inspection People. We offer thorough, honest service and high-quality end results. Give us a call to learn more and get your free estimate today.

Our Full Range of Services

Make sure a home is in good condition before purchasing it with our help.

Residential Building Inspection

We can thoroughly examine multi-family homes to make sure they’re a good investment.

Multi-Family Residential Building Inspections

Ensure your construction project’s being handled correctly with us.

Course of Construction Inspections

Get the best price for your home by fixing issues before listing it.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Make sure a commercial property doesn’t have any hidden issues.

Commercial Inspection

Contact the professionals for your new sewer line inspection.

Sewer Line Inspection

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